Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can you hear me now?

It had been great for the past few weeks that we were home! Things were getting back to normal, we were enjoying the greatest time of the year...then things went off kilter.

Last week, Emily had an ABR (auditory brain response) done. This is a hearing test that is done by putting her to sleep and monitoring her brain function while making noises of different intensity in her ears. It gives the doctors an accurate picture of her hearing without her telling them that she can hear the sounds.

The appointment went very well. We arrived at the hospital at 7:00 am for our 8:00 am "lab" time. Of course, we had to wake Emily up early for this appointment, so you would think that sleeping would not be a problem when they administer the sleeping drug. This is not the case with Emily. If she is not in her bed and there is anything going on around her, she would rather pay attention to that than sleep. It took 30 minutes for her to fall asleep when it should have taken her about 10 minutes. She is a fighter!

Needless to say, the test went well and she has no ear problems. We knew this already because she jumps at the slightest sound. The test was done only at the request of the doctor. We won't be doing another one!

After the test was complete, she went to the recovery room until she woke up from the sleeping medication. They told me it might only be a few minutes. After an hour, the nurse came in and was sitting her up and patting her face to wake her up...she sleeps like her dad. It took a while, but she finally woke up enough where they would let me take her home. They warned me that she might be groggy for the rest of the day, so don't expect too much from her.

Here we are, more than a week later and we are STILL trying to get her back on schedule. She slept almost all day that Tuesday and then had a hard time sleeping at night. With the exception of maybe one or two nights, she has not slept through the night in a week and a half. Last night she woke up at 4:00 am and started laughing. It was almost like she was mocking us. It was pretty funny, so we laughed about it also...for a few minutes. After an hour we were both pretty annoyed and just wanted to go back to sleep. Not Emily though! She didn't fall back to sleep until after Dawn got up at 6:15.

On a normal day, Emily will get up at 8:30 and go down for a nap at 10:30. (A rough day, huh?) Today, we had an appointment with the Cardiologist and the appointment was at 11:00. This meant she missed her nap. Again our whole day was thrown off. We are trying to get things back to normal around here, but it seems that abnormal is becoming the new normal.

As far as the appointment went, Emily has a PDA. She has had this since birth and if you click the link (PDA) it goes to the story of when we first found this out. The bottom line is that it is not a problem that we need to be concerned about right now and our next appointment is not until next year.

As far as Dawn and I are doing...we are great. Having gone to RI a few weeks back, we were able to get most of our Christmas shopping done before hand. We have been just relaxing and enjoy this holiday season. We have been discussing the best way to create new traditions that will help us to remember what the Christmas season is all about. It is Jesus' birthday. We are contemplating having a birthday celebration and focus on the first Christmas by reading the gospel accounts of Jesus' birth.

Well the time has come to get the little angel up from her nap and feed her again.

Check back soon...

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Nothing throws a good routine off like an unnecessary medical test. At least you won't have to do that one again. = )

How funny that she was laughing (mocking). Emily is quite the live wire. = )