Monday, November 10, 2008

Laughter really is good for you

Things have been relatively quiet around here these days, but I figured I would share a few things.

Emily had an appointment with the nutritionist last Thursday. That means she was weighed and measured. She currently weighs 21 pounds 10 ounces and she is 30 1/2 inches long! So it is official, my 1 year old daughter (actually 13 months today!) is more than half my size (my height anyway). I am NOT kidding. I am only 5 feet tall - you do the math!

She is doing really well with her new formula. The only recommendation from the nutritionist was to give her 2 more ounces each day to meet the caloric needs of a growing-like-a-weed little girl (my words, not hers). It is strange for us to think that we used to have so many issues with feedings. She would scream through an entire feeding at times and we were so concerned that she wouldn't gain weight and thrive. Now we are wondering if her growth will taper off at some point and if not, how will we keep up with the clothes that she will need? That is one concern that we are happy to have. God really has been good to us!

As Mike mentioned, Emily had a rough time with her 1 year shots. She hasn't really had issues with any of her immunizations in the past. She would normally be a little cranky that day and have a low fever, but nothing more than that. This time, she was "off" for about 2 weeks after the shots. She had fevers, rashes and crankiness to boot! We ended up taking her to the pediatrician about 2 weeks after her shots because she had a pretty bad rash. The doctor told us it was too far out to be a reaction to the shot & it must be viral. With all due respect to her profession, I did not believe her. Everything I have read about the chicken pox shot said that she could have a reaction up to a month after the shot (including the paperwork that they sent home the day of the shots). On the leg that received the chicken pox shot, she DEFINITELY had a reaction - it is still there today, although it is quite faded by now. Within a few days, the rash faded and she is back to her old self again, thankfully!

Can I tell you what a joy she is? When she smiles, it is like receiving a gift. To hear her laugh, is 10 times better! It is hard to tell what will make her laugh sometimes. Being tickled by her dad gets her every time. Sometimes, scaring her makes her laugh, or bouncing her up and down. Playing "earthquake" with the stroller can bring on giggles too. And sometimes, she just laughs at completely random things...

We recently went to Indiana to do some shopping at outlet stores that are about an hour and a half from here. She was pretty good the whole day even though we squeezed her and her stroller through store after store that was NOT designed for strollers. To get home, we had to drive over the Ohio River. As we drove across the bridge, we could hear her laughing out loud from the back seat. Seeing the bridge pass by rather quickly out the window struck her funny! We all cracked up about that.

On Friday, Emily had a photo shoot with a friend of ours. He is an incredible photographer and we were so excited to have him take some pictures for us. What a blessing! Right before we left the house, Emily had a complete meltdown. We think she was just tired and didn't want to be messed with. Such a fun attitude to have before you get your picture taken! Well, we put her in the car & drove to Louisville. We hoped she might nap, but that did not happen. When we arrived at the seminary, Mike went in to meet Jason and I waited in the car with Emily. I started making funny noises to see how she would react & she was cracking up. Did I mention that she is ALL girl? Complete with mood swings and everything.

Well, we went to a nearby park and took a bunch of pictures. Emily did really well, although she was not much in the mood for smiling or laughing. It seems that whenever she is around anyone that can take really good pictures she doesn't want to smile for them. At home with her amateur-photo-taking parents, she is all smiles (of course she also likes to close her eyes for just about EVERY picture, but that is another story). We really had a fun time and we are sure that Jason was able to get some great shots. When we get them, we will share them at some point. We do have plans for those pictures so don't expect to see them anytime soon. : )


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I think it was Will who actually had bumps all over his body after the chicken pox vaccine. This concerned me because I was pregnant at the time and since I've had Chicken pox TWICE I wondered if I could get it a 3rd time.

I say go with that Mommy gut feeling. It's usually better than what a dr. thinks (hello! remember Ben's saga at Hasbro earlier this year!!).

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about her laughter but what would be even better is if you could do a video clip of it and post it!! I LOVED the picture of her huge smile! She is a little ray of sunshine! It's also nice to hear about her shots because it helps us to know more specifically how to pray for her/you all. I can only imagine how your and Mike's family must feel with the anticipation of spending one-on-one time with her.

Glad things have been quiet too. It's the season for peace.