Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Week in the Life of a One Year Old

Since my first birthday, a week ago last Friday, I have been busy beyond belief! It started with my parents singing me happy birthday and making me eat this AWESOME stuff they kept calling “cake.” IT ROCKS! They sang to me this song that I have never heard before, but before the weekend was over, I must have heard it a thousand times (mostly from mom and dad).

Mom got me out of bed the next morning and took me to the church. I thought to myself, “It can't be Sunday already!” She fed me and put me in one of those cage thingies to sleep. The next thing I remember there were many people there and they were feeding me more of that awesome cake stuff! I got to see many of my friends and I was so excited I peed myself (thank God for diapers).

There were these girls that opened all MY presents. They were nice enough to show them to me before mom took them away. Dad was walking around shining bright flashes at me non-stop for what seemed like hours. I hate when he does that, but he seems to enjoy it, so I just sit there and go along with it.

Mom is going to write later and fill you in on all the details of the party and even show you some of those picture thingies. So you come back for that, you hear!

The party not only wore me out, but my parents didn’t do anything for the rest of the day, which means I got to have some quality time with them! I was so excited! I do enjoy my quality time with mom and dad.

The next day, we went to the church again. I got to see all my friends and hang out for a few hours with some people who I can relate to. They don’t have all these cares about the economy or gas prices; the only thing they care about is where the Cheerios are!

Monday came and it was business as usual. I ate, I drank, I messed my diaper, and then I got to go for a ride. Did I mention how different things look now that I am facing the front of the car? I can see where I am going now instead of where I’ve been. I can also see daddy in the little mirror above his head. He sure is good looking! Anyway, as I was saying, we went to go see a lady who they called a pediatrician. I didn’t mind it so much until the lady with the needles came. She hit me four times and I cried a lot! My thighs were killing me for the rest of the day! I did get some real cool band-aides to wear though.

I didn’t feel really well after that and I went to sleep. The next day I really didn’t feel too well. I was cranky in the morning, you know, like mom. I made my opinion known to everyone who would listen, which were mom and dad. I went down for my afternoon nap and I wasn’t really tired, so I got up early. Dad did not seem too happy about this, but I didn’t care, he held me for quite a while which always makes me happy. Soon after, we were in the car again. It was another doctor’s appointment. Will it ever end? This lady listened to my dad as he talked about me and she rubbed my tummy and touched me all over with this cold instrument. I think she was the tummy doctor. My tummy wasn’t doing so well because they changed the stuff I was drinking for a few days and then changed back. Dad said something about the nutritionist giving them a sample of a new formula and then they ran out. I like the new stuff better, but I had to go back to the old stuff until we run out. Anyway, the doctor did not have much to say and sent daddy away with a good report about me, although I was still not feeling well from the needles the day before. I had even had dry heaves in the morning. I HATE dry heaves. Have you ever had those things?

I didn’t have a good day on Tuesday. I was cranky all day and just felt miserable. I let everyone around me know it. Mom and dad put me to bed at 9 pm as usual, but I wasn’t really tired. When they came to bed a little later, I wanted to make them hold me. I was tired beyond belief, but I was able to cry and whine until almost 3 am. I was so proud of myself! Mom and dad were a little cranky the next day and I don’t know why. To top it all off, dad woke me up early and we went to another office. There was a sign on the outside of the building that said Health Department. Yeah, I can read! Dad went to get some checks. They will be paying for my new formula. Mom and dad keep talking about it. The old formula was a lot of money, but the new formula is more! Mom and dad keep praising God that WIC is paying for it. Dad picked some up the other day and the total came to $560 for a 45 day supply. They keep saying I am expensive, but I think it is only because I am a girl. I am supposed to be expensive.

We came home from the health department; dad gave me some food and put me to bed. When I woke up, I felt like a million bucks! I was a new girl. All my crankiness went away and I was enjoying life as I usually do. Dad seemed so happy! His whole demeanor changed. It was like he enjoyed being around me again.

Later that night, there was a strange lady who came to see us. Not strange in a strange way, but strange in that I had never seen her before. Mom and dad asked her lots of questions and from what I could gather, she is going to watch over me when mom and dad want to “get a break.” They are still discussing when and if they are going to take this “break” but I hope they never do…I kinda like having them around.

On Friday it was back to my usual schedule with the exception that the twisty lady came that day. She makes me do all these things with my body that I am not very excited about. Even when I complain about it, she keeps doing it. Today was a little different, though, because I was put into this sling and bounced up and down and side to side. It was a sensation that people would spend a lot of money to get at an amusement park or something. They claim this is to help me gain a better equilibrium or something to that effect (yeah, I know some big words also). I had done this once before at my friend Aidan’s house. He seems to enjoy it way more than I do.

Last night we went to a party where mom and dad got to see all the people they go to “school” with. They see them every Sunday, but they decided to get together outside of church for a party. It was cold and mom and dad did everything to keep me warm. I couldn’t really move my arms and legs because there was too much stuff on them. The worst part was there was cake and I didn’t get to have any. Dad kept saying how good it was and still didn’t give me any.

I got to stay home from church today because my nose has been running for days and mom and dad don’t want the other kids to get sick. I keep telling them that I am not sick; I just have dad’s allergies. One of the wonderful things he gave me. I am glad I got to see some of my friends last night!

As I look through my schedule for this week, things look a little calmer. That first week as a one year old was tough, though. It will be a week I will never forget…because mom and dad won't let me ever forget it.

Bye for now, but come back later for mom’s version of my party.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Emily, you are a very chatty girl! Thanks for filling us in on the details of your first week as a one year old. Make sure you keep your parents in line for us, I know they can get into a lot of trouble without someone to look after them.

Miss Stephanie

Aidan's Mommy said...

Hello Miss Emily the one year old!!

How excited are you to be one?!?! I was so happy to see you at your party and share your special day with you!! Mommy got some really good pictures of us and will sending them to your mommy!!

Trust me (as a older friend) - you will never forget your first (or second, third, fourth, etc) birthday because your mommy and daddy will always tell you what a fabulous time you had and what a wonderful blessing you are to this world!!

I miss you already - hope to see you soon!!

Love and Hugs,