Friday, October 10, 2008

Today it's my birthday!!!

Mom and Dad singing "Happy Birthday" to me.

Aren't I just adorable? Yeah, I am!

But mom, I can't breathe...hey, that tastes good!

Why did you take that away? I was eating it!

Why does dad keep flashing that light in my eyes?

So this is the "Cake" thing that dad has told me IS good! do I get this into my mouth?

I love my mom! She's the bestest!

This was one Happy Day!

Have a great day! (can you see my teeth?)


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Loved the video! She looks like she enjoyed the cake a lot! I could just kiss those cheeks right off - frosting and all!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures were so cute!! I love the excitement you can see as she watched the candle-or was it hearing you all sing-but either way thanks for sharing this special day. I especially love her big smile in the last one!! What a little ray of sunshine she is! I'm so glad you all started this blog. It never fails to bless me!
Miss you all.


Amy said...

Great video! What a great smile in the last picture, too! Wow...Emily has been introduced to cake! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emily!
Hope you had a great party and everyone brought you bunches of pretties for you to wear or to put in your pretty curly hair. Sorry I had to miss it but if it keeps you well it is worth it.

Love and kisses.

We love you so much Grandma Carrie and Kevin.

Anonymous said...

If these don't make you smile, nothing will!!!! She is such a doll. The duck costume had us cracking up!
Great pics! thanks for the blog
We love you guys
The Travis family

family tree said...

So "sweet". . .happy birthday dear girl!