Thursday, September 11, 2008

I think she feels a little bit lighter now

Yesterday was a big day in our house for a few reasons:

1 – As of yesterday, Emily is 11 months old. Can you believe that? I cannot believe that our baby girl is going to be 1 next month! Where does the time go?

2 – We had a nice surprise visit from some friends Paul & Lynn who live about 2 hours from here. They may be moving into this general area in the coming months and they were “in town” checking some things out. So they popped in for a surprise visit. What a nice surprise to catch up with friends. I am SO excited about the idea that they may moving close by. (Side note: God brought Paul and Lynn into our lives when we first moved to Kentucky. We both moved to the area in the same week. Mike met Lynn in the laundry room and came home to tell me that he made a friend for me. I thought that was very strange, but it turned out he was right – Lynn is a great friend – one that I connected with right from the beginning. What a blessing from God!)

3 – Emily got her first haircut! Now don’t be alarmed ladies, my version of a haircut is VERY different from Mike’s. He thinks Emily should shave her head like a Marine heading to boot camp. I, on the other hand, think a girl should actually have hair on her head, if at all possible. For Emily, that is definitely possible. Here are some before and after shots of the big haircut. Try not to be too alarmed by the difference – you will get used to the new look in no time.

BEFORE: I brushed her hair out so you could see how long and full it was...

And this is her infamous tail - it was getting pretty long!

So, off we went to an appropriately named establishment...

The first snip!

And then the tail was removed

AFTER: Her hair is not quite as full as it used to be.

AFTER: No more tail!

Of course, Mike was hoping that more hair would be cut off. He said no one would even notice that she had her hair cut.

I really didn't want to cut any hair off, but I thought getting a hair cut might help her hair to grow faster. I am hoping that it will be a bit more manageable when it gets longer. That was my theory anyway. And the woman who cut Emily's hair agreed. She said that the curls would be easier to deal with when they have a bit more weight to them. She cut about 1/2 an inch off the top and tried to get the back as even as possible. She was very good with Emily. And Emily did great too! She didn't cry or complain at all - she just sat there like a big girl taking it all in. By the way, I didn't cry either, which is pretty good because I cry at the drop of a hat!

She was a big hit at the salon. All the ladies were smitten (not that I can blame them). In case you were wondering, I did keep a piece of her hair - the tail. As soon as she cut it off it curled right up!

PS: I am happy to report that 2 or 3 ladies did notice Emily's hair cut at church last night. So, it does look different, at least a little. : )


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

You had me worried there for a minute! I agree with you that as her hair gets a little longer and thicker it will be easier to tame.

I love the pictures. She is just so cute!!!

I still haven't cute Ellie's hair and she's 2! Sigh! With buzzing the boys I just hate the thought of cutting hers. BUT, it is in her eyes and food all the time. Unlike Emily, Ellie has straight-as-a-board and fine hair. I've been planning to take her before Sam's born. I'm waiting until October when the weather is cooler and I'm not doing pig tails anymore. Then I'll get a cute little bob with bangs. Daddy will be glad since he's the one who washes it. = )

Amy said...

Her hair is gorgeous! Sounds like a "shaping" and not a hair cute! Mia had a mullet, so we had her hair trimmed to make it all even to begin with. How did Emily like it? I didn't cry--Mia did! :) Now she's used to it and is fine but the first few times were difficult.