Saturday, September 20, 2008

A call from the mayor

We are now 6 days after the Windstorm of 2008! As of right now there are almost 100,000 homes who still are without power in KY. As I mentioned in my last post, we never lost power. On Thursday, I received a call from the mayor's office asking me how I was doing after the effects of the storm. I told the gentleman (not the mayor himself, but someone from his office) that we never lost power and things were business as usual here. He told me that the mayor wanted to make sure that everything was all right and to let us know he was thinking of us.

Now, I must tell you all that the mayor goes to my church. I am leading the Men's Ministry right now and we just had a Men's Breakfast where he was one of the speakers. I have also been bugging him about moving our town towards recycling; so he isn't a stranger by any means. It was just good to know that he cared enough to make sure we were doing all right. His family knows that Emily is on a pump that feeds her throughout the night, so if we did lose power, we would have had some problems. But God was watching over us and protected us from the wrath of the storm and power outages.

We have had an exciting week here with all the drama of the storm and the seizures from Emily. She is doing much better now that we have increased her medications! She has even been sleeping through the night again and we folded up the Pack-N-Play so we have more room in the living room again! Oh, what a beautiful thing!

We saw the nutritionist a few weeks ago and she suggested we apply for WIC to pay for Emily's formula. I did this on Wednesday and I received vouchers for the formula and cereal right then and there. I can't begin to tell you how excited we are to save around $250 a month. She is expensive, you know.

On Monday, Emily goes to get her orthotics. I know she is not going to enjoy getting them, but she needs them pretty badly. She has her feet pointed out quite often and this keeps her whole body tense. Once she is unable to tighten her feet, it should relax her entire body. Of course, she will fight and fight them for the first few hours, days, weeks or years. We don't know how long she will fight them, so pray for her during this time of change for her. Also pray for us as we seek guidance on how to make these uncomfortable orthotics a pleasurable experience for her.

And now the thing that you have been really coming to our blog to see...the pictures...

Doesn't she look like a little student at her desk with all her toys?


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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I'm glad that you explained that the mayor goes to your church. I've lived in RI for so long I'm cynical about politicians and with the local mayor up for re-election I was thinking - oh, he must be up this year and has his workers calling everyone in the phone book to appear sympathetic. I'm glad he was genuinely concerned. = ) I hadn't even thought about Emily's pump. Does it not have some kind of battery back up?