Friday, August 22, 2008

Is this apartment getting smaller?

Many have asked for pictures and I guess it has been a while since we have shown here you go. We have been trying to get Emily in her stander at least once a day. The goal is to get her in it twice a day, but time is not allowing that right now. There are so many different things that we are supposed to do with her each day that there is not enough time to do it all!

Don't you just love the outfit? I will admit that I (Mike) put her in it, but the reality is that she needs pants to keep her legs from getting scratched and the booties help her feet. The reality is that she needs to be in her orthopedic footwear, but we haven't gotten them yet. Maybe this coming week.

This is just to show that we have done this more than once. The pants are the same, but that is about it...

As part of our six month evaluation with the therapists, they discussed what Emily needs in the future to overcome some of the obstacles that she is facing. They ordered some equipment and some toys, which we received in the past few weeks. Our apartment was small to begin with, we can no longer walk without the fear of stubbing our toes on something. Below are some pictures of the equipment and toys.

In this picture you can see the toys which are sound, light and vibration filled to give her plenty of stimulation. The Koosh is a trigger switch that connects to the other toys with a wire and will turn them on when hit. We are trying to get her used to making a connection between hitting the Koosh and the toy coming to life. Because she has limited control of her arms, she mostly hits it by accident, but you can tell she is trying.

You can also see under the toys is a special chair and desk. This chair has a five-point strap to hold her in place and will keep her in a more upright position. She needs a little help with her neck control, but she is getting better at holding her head up. The desk allows her to rest her elbows on something to help support her head. It all works together to accomplish the purpose.

This is a bath chair. Emily outgrew her bathtub months ago and we have been using it for lack of a better option. This chair is designed to grow with her and the bottom is separate from the top. It is designed to be used in the bathtub (obviously) and we have not had the opportunity to use it yet. Today will be the day I am sure.

Now lets consider the fact that we have a two bedroom apartment and one of the bedrooms is converted to an office where Dawn works from home. All this equipment is squeezed into the living room and we don't know where we are going to keep the bathing unit. The bathtub would be the obvious answer, but then Dawn has to take it out and put it back in every time she wants to take a shower. We will figure something out.

We know that God is preparing us for something great! We have all the pieces to help Emily grow stronger and to learn more effectively, we just have to find time to maneuver around everything and put her in all her equipment several times a day.

Because God has blessed us beyond what our apartment can hold, we are looking to dispose of a piece of furniture. We purchased this glider chair and footrest a year ago with the expectation that Dawn would breastfeed Emily in it. This never happened and the chair really never got used for anything other than a place to put some stuffed animals. It is in perfect shape and looking for someone to put it to good use. We paid $150 for it and are willing to let it go for $75. I will even be willing to deliver it to your home (if you are within 30 miles). If you are interested, just send us an email using our link to the side.

Y'all have a wonderful day now,

All for HIS glory,


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Tech Daddy said...

That stander is quite a large piece of equipment. I think we would have problems fitting in all of that stuff.