Friday, July 04, 2008

Getting older brings challenges!

No, I am not referring to me and Mike. Although we are not getting any younger, so that could be a post for another time. I am actually referring to some challenges that have come up recently with Emily.

As she is growing, it makes life a little more interesting for a few reasons...

She is growing out of her infant car seat. The weight limit is 20-25 pounds so that isn't an issue, but her height is the problem. She is getting WAY too long. So that means we need to start looking for a new car seat. And because we have a Snap N Go stroller, we will need to get a new stroller too. We actually still have some gift cards to use so we aren't concerned about the cost of these items (even though they aren't cheap). We are more concerned that the new car seat and stroller give Emily the support that she needs. She cannot sit up on her own and she cannot hold up her head very well.

So we went to Babies R Us to look at the car seats & try them out firsthand. We picked one that we thought might work, but before buying it, we sent the info to our physical therapist to get her input. She said it could work for a while (in the rear-facing reclined position), but without seeing it in person she couldn't really tell if the forward-facing less reclined position will work for her in the coming months. She suggested the possibility of getting a special car seat and stroller for Emily. If we go this route, then our insurance should cover most of the cost of these items (we are thankful for that since they are CONSIDERABLY more expensive than any of the ones you see at Babies R Us). So she is doing some research for us on this.

Moving to a bigger car seat means that Emily loses her handy portable seat (although it is getting VERY heavy these days). So we would have to carry her and the diaper bag & anything else we may need at that moment. Keep in mind, that she cannot hold up her head, so I cannot just rest her on my hip and go. I have to hold her with both hands to give her the support she needs. If both hands are on her - how am I going to carry anything else? And since she cannot sit up on her own, she cannot sit in a shopping cart or a high chair, making trips to the store and any restaurant a little trickier. Not that we take her to restaurants very often, but we do take her to Walmart very very very often!

One other thing that Emily is outgrowing is her infant tub. On one side the tub has a reclining seat, which we have used to give her baths. The idea with this tub is once she gets too big for the reclining seat, you can move her to the other side of the tub where she can sit up. Well, as I already mentioned she cannot sit up. So that is where our problem lies. Our physical therapist brought us a few different things to try with her. So far none of these have been successful - one was actually a huge disaster - she wasn't happy, we weren't happy and it was very hard to actually get her clean (which is the point of the bath, right?). So for now, we have just continued with the same little tub. And since we have gone through stages where Emily HATES the bath, we have learned to give VERY quick baths. But at some point we will need to come up with a plan B.

My reason for listing these things here on the blog is just to give you an idea of some of the day to day stuff that we face. These challenges are not impossible to deal with, but they certainly are, well...challenging. And we know that many parents face challenges as children move from one stage to another, so we are not alone in that. We trust God to give us the wisdom that we need for each new thing that comes along. He has blessed us with some great therapists who willingly offer their expertise and have helped us to make some good choices for Emily. For that we are thankful. And more than that, we are thankful to be able to call ourselves Mom & Dad to an amazing little girl (who isn't going to be little forever)!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

My sympathies on outgrowing the infant carrier!!! Will and Ben both did that before they could sit up so I understand a fraction of what you are going through. It makes taking them anywhere challenging. Especially when they are heavy.

I'll pray God provides just what you need for cheap. = )

Amy said...

Praying and knowing God will provide...and thanks for letting us know the challenges you are facing. Good to hear...

Tech Daddy said...

I wonder if there's a some kind of carrier that you could wear to put her in that could also support her head? Like one of those sling things?