Friday, July 18, 2008

Cars, Walks and Baths - does it have to be so complicated?

Wanted to send an update on the car seat/stroller/bath situation…

We were doing some of our own research online & also checking out some options that our physical therapist had recommended. We were really having a hard time deciding (a picture is only so helpful!). Our search came to a screeching halt when we found out that insurance will usually cover one special needs stroller or car seat every 5 years. And since 5 years will make a HUGE difference in what Emily needs, our decision was made for us! We are going to get a standard car seat and stroller for now and worry about more specialized equipment when she is a little older. With the help of our physical therapist, we may be able to add some extra "stuff" to the standard items to give Emily the support she needs.

Last night we took a trip to Babies R Us. They have a bunch of car seats on display that we can try out in person, so it was worth the 30 minute drive. We were able to put Emily in a couple of the seats right there in the store and we found one that we think will work. And even better, the cashier let us use 2 coupons on it. We ended up saving about $45 on the seat! We were thrilled with that. Now the plan is to show this to our physical therapist at our next appointment on Monday. She can let us know if she thinks it will work for Emily now & last us a little while. If it will last a year or even two, that would really help us a lot!

We are still trying to figure out the stroller situation. A family in our church has offered to let us borrow a stroller that they no longer use – what a blessing! We will also need to show it to our physical therapist to get her opinion on that. So we will see how that goes.

As for the bath issue we were having…We are still using the infant tub and giving Emily a bath on the kitchen counter. It is nice not to have to bend over the bathroom tub (especially for Mike with his bad back).
(this picture was taken when Emily still fit in the tub)

But that will not be the case for long. She is getting way too long for the tub. Add to that the fact that she is wet, slippery & cannot support herself very well & bath time can be very tricky. So our physical therapist is ordering a bath chair for us. It will give her all the support she needs. The seat will make it tricky to wash her, but it is MUCH safer & that is way more important. So we will learn a new bathing method (who couldn’t learn something new every now and then). And if Emily is well supported, she may even have the opportunity to play & enjoy bath time.

We are slowly working out some of the details with all of the equipment that Emily needs. Over the next few months, our therapists will be ordering some more stuff for Emily. We are starting to think this tiny 2 bedroom apartment is looking smaller and smaller each day, but that is a story for another time...


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Car seats and strollers are never ending! I know your situation is very different. We currently own an infant carrier, a "convertible" rear or forward facing seat, a forward facing 5 pt. harness seat that can be used for a booster, a strictly booster seat with back rest (that comes off) and a backless booster seat. Yes, that's 3 children and 5 different types of car seats. Thankfully we keep passing them down.

Tech Daddy said...

Yeah! for saving $45 dollars. We're praying for y'all and love ya.

Christi said...

The bath chairs link is incorrect, you can find bath chairs here.