Friday, July 25, 2008

Back me up on this ladies...

Although she gets most of her food through her feeding tube, Emily is eating more and more by mouth. She now eats "solid" food twice a day. She is getting better and better at it. She used to just like apples & that was it, but she is branching out. She has been trying all kinds of new things like: sweet potatoes, peas, chicken & rice, vegetable stew, etc. We are thrilled to see her enjoying food (especially since a few months ago, we couldn't even put a pacifier in her mouth without her gagging).

She still struggles with the mechanics of eating. Sometimes she isn't quite sure what to do with her tongue. So instead of pushing the food to the back of her mouth, she pushes it right out. She also likes to stick her hand in her mouth & then wipe it all over herself (including her hair). There are also times when she sneezes with a mouthful of food. So needless to say feeding time can get VERY messy.

For this reason, we have, well really I have, set aside certain bibs as feeding bibs. These are the ones that can get stained and messy and we (I) don't care. Just so there is no confusion & my husband doesn't have to read my mind, I have put marks on these bibs with a permanent marker.

The rest of the bibs are her "going out" bibs. We try to coordinate these with her outfits if we can. These bibs are cuter and don't have stains all over them. For the men reading this post, you may be thinking exactly what Mike thought: "She needs special bibs for going out? She is just going to drool on them!" (and lets not talk about the concept of matching them to her outfits)

So ladies, please, back me up on this... Surely, I am not the only one who does such things.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Mike, this is one of those areas where you just accept what your wife is saying and go with it. The fact that she has marked the bibs is brilliant! Wish I'd thought of it. = ) Pretty, unstained bibs for public is a girl/woman thing and not understandable for the male mind. Just work with her and life will be happier for all.

Also, WalMart has some bibs you can just wipe down or wash off. Complete with a pocket at the bottom. I've recently gotten one that the pocket is formed by snaps so it's much easier to clean. I think they were about $3. A little pricy but it saves time and mess which is worth paying for. = )

Yeah for Emily deciding that variety is a good thing! BTW, Ellie still thinks her hair should receive as much food as her face. UGH!

ajourneyinmommying said...

Go Emily! So cool that she's getting into eating more, different, fun foods!

Yes, of course, totally with you on the nice, unstained bibs that you like being set aside to wear out and the others for feeding time destruction. :) I'm thinking Todd and I have probably had that exact discussion. We still have that discussion about certain shirts the boys do/don't wear for everyday vs. wearing wherever. Tell Mike it's about stewardship! :) Whoever thought stewardship would involve bibs??? :) Marking the bibs was very smart! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true. . .there are "going out" bibs that coordinate with outfits! Lily is happy to testify!

auntie Christine said...

That’s my girl! Everything must match and no nude stockings please………………..!