Thursday, July 10, 2008

9 Month Birthday

Today Emily is 9 months old and we have come such a long way. I must first tell you that we met with the nutritionist today and Emily has gained 1/2 a pound and grew almost an inch in the last month. She is now 28 inches long and weighing in at a whopping 16 lbs 15 ounces.

We have moved her to two feedings by mouth and they both went pretty well today. The morning meal was turkey tetrazzini and she did not like it too much, until we added some apple sauce to it. For dinner, she had apple sauce (her favorite) and she couldn't get enough of it. She is growing like a weed and she is doing very well!

For those of you who are new to the blog and have not visited our website, I am going back to showing some older pictures to remind you all of what it was like in the beginning. Nine months has changed us so much that it is hard to remember what it was like back then. The pictures bring back a lot of memories!

We are so grateful to everyone who continues to pray for Emily and who has given us encouragement and support for the last 9 months. God has His hand upon us and there is no way that we can repay Him for the blessings that He continually showers upon us. We surrender our lives to Him, knowing that by doing that we are uncertain of where we will go or what He will have us do.

For the past year I have been looking for a job and my focus has been in other states throughout the US. We feel that it is His desire for us to remain here and so my focus has shifted to job opportunities in this area. I know that this news makes some of you excited and some of you disappointed, but it is not about you; just as it is not about us...but it IS about HIM! Wherever He leads we'll go!

Enjoy the pictures...

This is Emily the day after she was born in the special care unit of Baptist East Hospital. Shortly after this picture was taken the nurse noticed that Emily was rolling her eyes back in her head and that her body was showing signs of a seizure. Within an hour she was taken to a children's hospital across town...away from her mom!

This is Emily in the NICU at Kosair Children's Hospital where she spent the first six weeks of her life having a battery of tests done to figure the cause of her seizures.

This was her first dress! The nurse felt it was time to actually put some clothes on her and make her look like a girl. She is soooo beautiful!!!

If you know Dawn, you know she loves Piglet. That is actually my pet name for her and it has nothing to do with her weight!!! When she saw this outfit in the store she HAD to have it. It was too big for Emily in this picture but she grew into and out of it in no time.

We just love this picture because she just looks so cute!

I will be meeting with the physical therapist and speech therapist tomorrow and I may leave another post to let you know what is going on in that department after they leave...

See you all soon...


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auntie lisa said...

Love the updates on the website.
Glad to see that Emily is enjoying her applesauce with some food disguised in there with it.
Yes, she has come a very long way since October. We remember the uncertainty of what was or wasn't going on with her. Having the opportunity to hold her in my arms in February, I no longer have any uncertainty. I know she is in good hands. Those hands that I am referring, are her parents. Emily showed everyone where their focus should be. Therefore, I am delighted that you will remain in KY for the time being. You are only a hop, skip , and a jump away!
HAPPY 9 month old!!!