Thursday, June 05, 2008

THWR*: 4 Onesies in one day!

Most days, Emily is a casual kind of girl. She hangs around the house wearing just a onesie. Since she had her g-tube & nissen surgery, she cannot spit up, so 1 onesie does the trick for most days. But there are some days when she has diva-like tendencies & decides she needs a little more variety in her wardrobe. She makes these "decisions" by doing the following:

1- She pees all over herself & onesie #1 while having her diaper changed. I know they always say to watch for boys doing this, but girls do it too, believe me.

2- She sneezes with a mouthful of apples & oatmeal. And then sneezes while she is being fed her formula. For those that don't understand g-tube feeding, picture an OPEN syringe full of formula attached to a tube in her stomach. When she sneezes or coughs, the formula can shoot straight out of the syringe at lightning speed! So there goes onesie #2 (and probably Mike's shirt at this point).

3- Onesie # 3 was a casualty of war. There was an explosion (followed by another diaper change) and onesie #3 took the hit - thanks for taking one for the team!

Oddly enough 2 of these onesies had "I love Daddy" written on them. Mike is beginning to wonder about the accuracy of this statement since he was present for all of these, um...wardrobe changes. ; )

Yeah, *That's How We Roll around here!

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