Wednesday, June 11, 2008

She's blooming where she's planted

We had our monthly appointment with the nutritionist today and I am glad to report that Emily gained a pound & grew almost an inch this month.

She now weighs 16 lbs. 8 oz and is 27 in. long!

The nutritionist said when she first started to meet with us, Emily was only in the 5-10 percentile & now she is up to 25. So that is great news. With all the struggles we have had with feedings in the past, we are so thankful that Emily is growing and doing well.

At the suggestion of the nutritionist, we will be eliminating the night time feedings over the next few days. Right now, she gets the bulk of her feeding through a pump overnight and then gets 3 smaller feedings during the day. We started doing that to help with some of the feeding issues, but we do not want to continue with that forever. The nutritionist thought this would be a good age for Emily to accept a change. So we will give her more feedings during the day and stop running the pump at night. She thinks it would be good for Emily to experience hunger & understand what that is.

That probably sounds strange to many of you, but we have no idea what our 8 month old does when she is hungry or if she has ever felt hunger pains. She has had a feeding tube since she was a month old & has always been fed on a schedule. Plus with all of the feeding issues, she did not enjoy eating for a period of time (that felt like a VERY long period of time to us). So even if she has experienced hunger pains, they were associated with a negative event & she probably wanted to avoid that all together.

We will be starting this tonight. Since she has been sick, we have been turning off the night time feeds anyway, but the increase in day time feeds is a little more tricky. I know Mike already mentioned we cannot seem to get her to take more than 4 oz at a time. We need to increase that over time, but VERY slowly so she has time to adjust. So this will be a learning process for all of us. Please pray for us as we make this change that we know will benefit her in the long run. We trust that God is in control and will give us the guidance that we need.

PS: She seems to be feeling a little better today - still not great, but she seems to be on the mend. We are all grateful for that! God is so good. He has EVERYTHING under control.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

What a happy smile! How can those cheeks be so low on the percentile chart? = )

Hoping Emily is feeling better these days!! Prune juice works like a charm for constipation but a little bit goes a long way!!!

Tech Daddy said...

Great news about the growth. Like the new look (at least since the last time I was here) of the blog.