Sunday, June 22, 2008

God knows what He is doing!

I need to start this post with a praise to my wife! She wrote the last post to me and I was very surprised and touched when I read it. I love her with all of my heart and God did me good by giving her to me!

Now, to get down to business...the feeding pump is back. A few posts ago, we mentioned that we were going to try to get rid of the night-time feeding by giving her more feedings during the day. It didn't take but a day or two to remember why we started the feeding pump in the first place. She did not handle the change very well, and neither did I.

Let me begin by telling you the reason we stopped using the pump is because she was sick and having dry heaves while connected to it. This was scary to see and I am sure painful for Emily, so we stopped the pump while she was sick. The nutritionist came during this time and suggested this change seeing we had already removed the pump. Once we got her up to six feeds a day in three hour intervals, she began dry heaving again and started to get irritable all day long. So I quickly returned to the pump.

This brings us to the problem that we have been having since Emily was sick a few weeks ago. We were giving her 4 ounces at her three feedings througout the day, but since she got sick, we had to decrease this amount to make it more comfortable for her. The problem is that we have not been able to get her back up to where she was. She is now at 3 ounces and she even starts to dry heave with that much sometimes. We are in the process of seeing the GI doctor again, and hopefully we can get some answers. I made the appointment last Tuesday and I was able to get an appointment for Wednesday, but when we got there, the doctor was called to the hospital for an emergency... so I had to reschedule for this coming Tuesday.

As I mentioned in the title, God knows what He is doing and He will get the glory for this some how. As parents, we are doing our best to make sure that Emily is getting the best care she can, and that she is in as little pain as possible. Sometimes we wish there was more that we could do; especially when we see her dry heaving and we want to make it stop, but it is out of our hands. We just have to trust God that He is taking care of her and as she grows, she will not remember all the struggles she had at this age.

Please keep Emily, and us in your prayers as we try to discern what we need to do next to help her with her eating challenges. As we mentioned in a previous post, she is growing, so she is geting enough food, but we want to make the feeding time more enjoyable for her, and for us also.

We love you all and thank you for your continued prayers.


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