Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy's little girl

For those that know me (Dawn), you know that I tend to procrastinate and I am ALWAYS late, so it is very appropriate that I am adding this post a day late…

Happy Father’s Day, Mike!

Long, long ago, God chose you to be the father to a very special, beautiful girl. She would not come into your life at the time that you expected. She would not come into your life in the way that you expected, but God had an incredible plan and His plans are best.

This little girl would look like you when you were born, with chubby cheeks and a head-full of dark hair. She would turn your world upside down in an instant! This very special girl would have some very special needs. Before she was born, you might have thought that you could not handle all of the needs that she would have, but she came and showed you just how strong you really are. Being her Dad would teach you lessons that you could not learn any other way.

This little girl would cause you to ask many questions, all with the same answer: God is sovereign; there is nothing outside of His control. She would cause you to cling to your faith in a way that nothing in your life had before. Because of this little girl, you are now called Daddy, but God was preparing you for that role a long time before she arrived…

He gave you a servant’s heart so that you could stay at home and care for her even when it might not be your first choice of jobs. He gave you strength to fight for this little girl and to get her the care that she needs. He gave you an inventive and creative mind that would allow you to care for her in ways that no one else could. He gave you courage to follow after Him even when you couldn’t see which way the road would go. He gave you a faith in Him that would not waver in any storm!

I count it a privilege to be your wife and to be a mom to Emily. I learn so much about being a parent from watching you each and every day. Emily is truly blessed to have you for a Dad. Not only does she look like you, but I hope that she grows to have the faith, courage and strength that you have. I love you.

You can barely see Mike in this picture, but you can see how much Emily LOVES her Dad!
A quiet moment with Dad


Amy said...

Happy Father's Day (a day late), Mike!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Happy Father's Day! Very sweet post, Dawn.

Tech Daddy said...

That was a very beautiful and tender post Dawn. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Father's Day Mike! You're doing a great job.

Linda said...

Belated Happy Father's Day! You may remember we met years ago in RI and talked for awhile. I have been praying often for you both and Emily and am so glad to find your blog site to find out how things are going. Emily is a beautiful little girl!

Joel's mom

Grandma said...

Dear Dawn,

This is truly a beautiful tribute to Mike. But let me add my own words of praise to you. Emily is truly blessed to have such a loving, caring Mom as you are. There is such love that I felt in the short time I was with you in Dec. that is truly hard to define. You and Mike and God make an awesome trio, and with that all things are possible. Yes, Emily is very lucky and so are we. God bless you all. We love you.

Love & Prayers,

Grandma said...
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auntie Christine said...

What a beautiful tribute to a great DADDY! Emily is lucky to have such patient and loving parents. And you are blessed to have someone so little teach you such big lessons about life.